fall nails

It is a challenge to keep hands and nails looking healthy when the winter season starts kicking in. Although it is sad to see brighter nail colors go, I took the opportunity to bring out a color my nails haven’t seen in a while: Sephora by O.P.I’s Under My Trench Coat. I just think it’s a great color fall color, it’s fairly easy to apply, and it’s long-lasting!

I added a layer of fun to my nails with a coat of Nails Inc.’s Feather collection. They can be very hard to remove later, which is why I chose to paint only one nail in each hand. It is now the trend though, right? 😉

I love this combination of colors and the texture this nail polish gives to my nails.

Ah, if you are like me and have very, very, very dry hands, this hand lotion by The Body Shop is a must. Unlike other lotions I own that are good for their scent, this one actually moisturizes the skin completely. It’s good to apply around the nail areas where my skin tends to get extra dry and cracks a little bit. I should do a better job in remembering to use it now that the cold is here!



hot pot sunday

I woke up knowing that today was a “chunky scarf and wool coat” kind of day. The first of many days to come. Was I happy? Not much to be honest.

I many not be winter’s number one fan, but the weather was perfect to fully cherish a nice hot pot (shabu shabu) lunch!

Kimchi (left) & Miso (right) broths.

Vegetarian Combo, Angus Prime Rib Combo & Meyers Organic Prime Rib Combo.


saturday treats

Saturday slowly steps into my room in the morning and reminds me what it is like to seize the day. Unlike her counterparts, she gives me options for what to do: relax at home? read a novel? watch a movie? or perhaps do work, but at my own pace.

Often times I feel her nudging me towards tea and cupcakes (or anything sweet). I’m not complaining ;).


happy November 1st!

smile, November!

It is the first day of the 11th month of year and nothing looks and feels more like November than the scattered rain showers and the gushing wind here in the Northeast.

As the sky turns gray, my wardrobe follows the cues of the weather and soon I find myself wearing a black cardigan, over a black tank top, over black jeans, and black flats. Although I am not a huge fan of lipstick (I think my lips are too big – oh, the insecurities!), I take the opportunity to pop some color on my face with Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. I particularly enjoy wearing it because the color seems to stay on my lips after many hours and applications of Burt’s Bees colorless lip balm.

The color here is Revlon’s Sweetheart Valentine.